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Valve Investment Casting Process

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Valve Investment Casting Process
Latest company news about Valve Investment Casting Process

Valve Investment Casting Process


About Valve Castings


Valve precision castings are control components in pipeline fluid delivery systems. They come in a wide variety of sizes and sizes.The valve is used to change the passage section and the flow direction of the medium. It has the functions of diversion, cutoff, regulation, throttling, check, split or overflow relief.


Our foundry is a reliable valve parts manufacturer and supplier for valve clients all over the world. We can make all kinds of casting valve components for a check valve, ball valve, gate valve, butterfly valve,control valve, globe valve, plug valve, etc.


Valve Investment Casting Process

As per the material specification and dimensions of valve casting parts, we can make them in different casting processes:


Process 1:

Sand Casting: Also a casting process for valve casting parts. Sand casting is suitable for both steel and iron valve castings. Compare with lost foam and lost wax castings, it is more suitable to make larger valve components. Normally, we will need to leave more machining allowance for further machining operation. The max weight we can cast is around 2 tons per piece.


Process 2:

Lost Wax Casting: Can make cast steel valve components, like carbon steel, stainless steel, and other cast steel alloys. Lost wax casting is a precision casting method for valve components. So we can achieve good dimensions and tolerances, smoother surface. Stainless steel valve casting parts are widely used in the silica sol casting process, which is another lost wax method. We can use this casting process for butterfly valves, ball valves, etc.


Process 3:

Lost Foam Casting: This casting method is more suitable for making precision cast iron valve parts. It can also get a good surface finish and size. Such as net shape or near-net shape valve castings will need no machining or just little machining allowance.


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