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The development history of stainless steel precision casting

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The development history of stainless steel precision casting
Latest company news about The development history of stainless steel precision casting

The development history of stainless steel precision casting


In industrial production, the practical application of modern stainless steel precision casting methods was in the 1940s. With the development of aviation jet engines, it is required to produce heat-resistant alloy parts with complex shapes, precise dimensions and smooth surfaces, such as blades, impellers, nozzles, etc. Because heat-resistant alloy materials are difficult to machine and the parts are complex in shape, they cannot or are difficult to manufacture by other methods.

Therefore, a new precision molding process needs to be found. Therefore, the lost wax casting that has been passed down in ancient times is used for reference, and the materials and processes are improved through the improvement of materials and processes. , Modern investment casting methods have obtained important developments on the basis of ancient craftsmanship.


Therefore, the development of the aviation industry has promoted the application of stainless steel precision casting, and the continuous improvement and perfection of investment casting has also created favorable conditions for the further improvement of the performance of the aviation industry. China began to apply investment casting to industrial production in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, this advanced casting technology has been greatly developed, and has been widely used in aviation, automobiles, machine tools, ships, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, telecommunications equipment, weapons, medical equipment, cutting tools and other manufacturing industries.


The so-called investment casting process is simply to use fusible materials (such as wax or plastic) to make a fusible model (referred to as investment or model), apply several layers of special refractory coatings on it, and dry and harden to form a whole shell , Then use steam or hot water to melt the model from the shell, then put the shell into the sand box, fill dry sand around the shell, and then put the mold into the baking oven for high-temperature baking (if a high-strength shell is used, demold The outer shell does not need to be baked directly).

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