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Characteristics and Limitations of Electro-Coating

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Company News
Characteristics and Limitations of Electro-Coating
Latest company news about Characteristics and Limitations of Electro-Coating

Electrophoretic paint film has the advantages of fullness, uniformity, flatness and smooth coating. The hardness, adhesion, corrosion resistance, impact performance, and permeability of electrophoretic paint film are significantly better than other coating processes.

(1) Water-soluble paint is used, water is used as the dissolving medium, which saves a lot of organic solvents, greatly reduces air pollution and environmental hazards, is safe and sanitary, and avoids the hidden danger of fire;

(2) The painting efficiency is high, the paint loss is small, and the utilization rate of the paint can reach 90% to 95%;

(3) The coating film thickness is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and the coating quality is good. Each part of the workpiece, such as the inner layer, depressions, welds, etc., can obtain a uniform and smooth coating film, which solves the problem of other coating methods for complex-shaped workpieces. The painting problem;

(4) The production efficiency is high, and the construction can realize automatic and continuous production, which greatly improves labor efficiency;

(5) The equipment is complex, the investment cost is high, the power consumption is large, the temperature required for drying and curing is high, the management of paint and painting is complicated, the construction conditions are strict, and wastewater treatment is required;

(6) Only water-soluble paint can be used, and the color cannot be changed during the coating process. The stability of the paint is not easy to control after storage for a long time.

(7) The electrophoretic coating equipment is complicated and the technology content is high, which is suitable for the production of fixed color.


Limitations of Electro-Coating

(1) It is only suitable for primer coating of conductive substrates such as machinery parts of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Non-conductive objects such as wood, plastic, cloth, etc. cannot be coated with this method.

(2) Electrophoretic coating process is not suitable for the coated objects composed of multiple metals, if the electrophoresis characteristics are different.

(3) Electrophoretic coating process cannot be used for the coated objects that cannot withstand high temperature.

(4) Electrophoretic coating is not suitable for coating with limited requirements on color. Electrophoretic coating of different colors needs to be painted in different grooves.

(5) Electrophoretic coating is not recommended for small-batch production (the renewal period of the bath is more than 6 months), because the renewal speed of the bath is too slow, the resin in the bath is aging and the solvent content changes greatly. The bath is unstable.


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